How To Make Good Sex – Tips For Better Sex

by blog on April 26, 2011

There is sex and then there is good sex – how you make it tells the difference, the huge difference. If you think you can get away with the same thing every time then you need to reconsider your choices my friend. Truth be told, it takes a lot of effort and creativity to maintain a good sex life.

But since you are here, it is a sign that you want to have better sex and as they say, seek and you shall find. Here are killer tips to make good sex and improve your sex life by a mile:

1. Milk the tease. There are a lot of ways to keep sex exciting and if you put in enough effort you will be rewarded immensely. Capitalize the tease and really take your partner off the roof. Blindfold her and get her biggest sexual organ to work – his or her brain. When your partner does not know what is going to happen, the anticipation will build sexual tension and more than that, the sensations become heightened tremendously so next time you want to make sex better, get a blindfold and get the party started.

Try these hot sex tips and really make sex good and out of this world rocking!

2. Massage. There is something sexy about a massage and if you master it, you unlock a whole new world of sexual pleasure. It sounds simple enough right? The problem is not many people take advantage of it but it can really make good sex by relaxing your partner in the right way that will allow for intense orgasms. Tension can be removed through massage and you know what happens when you let yourself go and just hit it in bed right?

3. Hit it on a new place. There is something crazy about having sex somewhere where people can find out about what you are doing. This piles in a lot of excitement and makes the sex truly good and beyond. Another thing that you can do is try a new position that will challenge you both or maybe have sex in a different position in your house. It will be really cool to experience new sensual and sexual sensations with your partner and that alone makes good sex out of this world.

Now you can find out the best techniques in making good sex and delivering the right moves that will pleasure your partner real good!

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