Romantic Making Love – Best Love Video Scenes To Reenact

by blog on April 8, 2011

When you are going for romantic making love, taking your favorite porn movie as inspiration may not be the best thing to do. Here, I enumerate good films with great love scenes that are unique, memorable, and hot.

1. Basic Instincts – How can you go wrong with this movie right? This is a huge turn on because your woman has all of the power in the world to use you and pleasure you. Have her tie you with something on the bed for more impact. Seeing you all tied up may inspire her to unleash her inner naughty side and break all world records. If you dig woman on top, then this is great inspiration.

Are you inspired just yet? Here are more ideas for making love and romance that will totally blow you away 100%.

2. Unfaithful – This movie has a lot of making love scenes that are really hot and romantic. It will do you so much good to take down notes while watching this movie again. Take for example that scene when the male character is taking the woman from behind in no less than the hallway! It was really such a great moment for make out TV and who knows if you encouraged your woman enough she would finally tell you the magic words: “I want you to f*ck me.” Now that can cause you a lot of sleepless nights indeed.

3. Fatal Attraction – There is something very romantic and hot when you end up having sex while doing something spontaneous or ordinary, like washing the dishes as is in this movie. You can set it up by going over your woman when she is cleaning up after you have dinner and start by hugging her from behind and kissing her neck then go for the kill by whispering in her ear that you are going to take her right there on the sink. Take a cue from the movie and blow her mind by providing a lot of stimulation like that when the male character splashes water on the woman’s lips and nipples. So hot!

All of these tips are sure to take romantic making love to another level. But if you want more great tips that will make you the perfect Romeo in your woman’s eyes, make sure you check this out for the best making love techniques in bed.

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