Sex Education Movies – Advance Love Making Techniques Straight From The Movies

by blog on April 12, 2011

A good sex scene from the movies is sure a good source of education when comes to piling in the pleasure in bed. It is one of those things that you really want to study because they are not just sexual in nature but they are highly sensual.

And women love sensuality.

In the movies, there is a ton of foreplay, totally creative positions to try, and great ideas for spontaneous sex. The best part is, it does not even have to be an adult movie.

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Grab one of these movies and get schooled good on how to create sizzling sex magic. Better yet, watch it with your woman and let her in on the juice and ask that you do a role play and recreate them tonight:

Wild Things – In this movie, you get educated on the all encompassing truth about sex: alcohol is a good start. The hot scene starts out in a motel with two women downing champagne and allowing the alcohol to lead them towards a delicious threesome with the male lead.

Grab this movie as an inspiration and grab a bottle of your favorite drink with your woman in bed. Splash some on her belly and lick and suck it all the way through. She is sure to get intoxicated more than you as you move into moreĀ eroticĀ places in her anatomy.

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Team America – Now what can you possibly learn from two puppets having sex? Apparently, a very important factor that you sometimes forget. Sex is supposed to be fun. When you are able to let lose and connect with your partner while doing your wrestling match in bed, you are sure to wake up with that ridiculously huge smile on your face the day after.

Swim Fan – The pool is always a great place to have sex. It is smooth. It is wet. It is the perfect place. If you can find a pool that you can take for yourself for a night, ask your partner to join you for a swim and really bring on the heat.

There are many kinds of sex positions that you can try that makes the water a great avenue. Because of the added buoyancy from the water, you are sure to get the pounding action to another level.

And that is today’s sex education straight from the movies!

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