Sex For Dummies – Sex Tips You’d Do Good To Know

by blog on January 12, 2011

This sex for dummies list is sure to send a wave of pleasurable little bolts inside your bedroom.

Sex should be something that comes out of a gift box but there are times when you get so used to it that it tends to feel a bit old. Sex turn old? Is that even possible? YES.

So to fend off boredom, including affairs, here are hot sex tips that you should try with your partner to keep the fire burning:

Sex for dummies tip #1:

Kiss, kiss, kiss. It is easy to give your partner a kiss, but have you given him or her a real kiss lately? Often couples have a lot of sex but forget to kiss, which is such a shame and if you are one of them you really need this sex for dummies note. For an extra ounce of intimacy, make sure that you plant a good one on your partner and make it a routine that brands your togetherness. You can always do it before your partner leaves for work or any other time you think is good. You will be surprised at how your man or woman will look forward to this everyday.

Sex for dummies #2:

Hand a naughty surprise. There is something about being naughty in a public place and if you are in a long term relationship it will sure bring back a lot of exciting memories. When he is least expecting it, insert your hand on his pocket causally pretending to look for some change and give his member a good rub. The surprise alone will be enough to get him going and he will feel like a million bucks because he’d think you cannot stop yourself from touching him.

Sex for dummies tip #3:

Tease each other. Teasing does a lot for your sex life. The mere anticipation that you build can bring both of you off the roof and you will surely nail down for the record books. The next time you get it on, leave some clothes on and work your way through them. The extra barrier will add to the exhilarating thrill and you can even bet on who will be the first to desperately take everything off for the main event.

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